Oliver Update 2013-10-05

Oliver had a bit of a setback at roughly 4:00 am this morning. He got agitated, his heart rhythm got out of whack, and his oxygen saturation levels dropped. As a result, they have done two procedures this morning, including putting his breathing tube back in and inserting a “central line”, which is basically a deeper IV placed in a more major blood vessel.

On Thursday afternoon/evening, they tried several times to insert a central line using less invasive methods. These central lines are used to deliver medicines specifically designed to help the heart relax and regain the proper rhythm. These medicines can do damage to the tissue and/or blood vessels if administered through a regular IV, so they like to administer them through a central line. Because they couldn’t get the central line in on Thursday and because Oliver seemed to be doing so well on Thursday, however, they decided to skip inserting the central line in hopes that he simply wouldn’t need it (or those medicines). On Friday, it looked like the right decision. When he had his setback this morning, they decided it was necessary to put in a central line using a more invasive procedure.

Essentially what all this means is that we are basically starting over with his recovery. He will be sedated and on a ventilator until they can get his heart rhythm under control. Then they will slowly wean him off everything. Like I said… no cake walk in the park, but I think the signs point to (eventual) recovery.

Oliver turned 5 months old today.


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