Oliver Update 2013-10-11

This is nothing more than an update on Oliver’s status at the end of what turned out to be a long day. Today wasn’t the worst day in that there hasn’t been any particular thing that could be considered a huge setback, but collectively, it definitely wasn’t a good day. Oliver’s fluid levels for the day are close to even, meaning his didn’t lose as much fluid as the previous two days. He now has a skin wound/infection close to where the old central IV was connected to his leg. He spiked a mild fever earlier, and it didn’t last long, but he currently is running another fever that seems to be just a bit more persistent. His abdomen continues to be bloated and swollen (distended bowels), and they think it’s most likely the result of his intestines “sleeping” from the surgery and not waking up yet. If they are correct, then no action will be required and it should just get better with time and rest. They are monitoring his belly pretty closely, however, and if they feel the problem is getting worse, they may perform another surgical procedure to remove a small, possibly problematic portion of one of his intestines. That would suck. And remember when I said that his pulmonary valve wasn’t leaking? Apparently, it is now. This leaking valve likely won’t present any problems or lifestyle limitations later in life, but I was still pretty excited when I found out after his surgery that his valve wasn’t leaking (reduced chance of additional surgery later in life), and so I’m a bit disappointed to find out that it is now.

Hopefully tomorrow brings better news. Let’s turn the corner, little man. We’re due.



3 thoughts on “Oliver Update 2013-10-11

  1. Thanks for keeping us updated Andy. I know this is so incredibly hard for you all. Keep your head up. We are praying for your family so much.

  2. God is good. Praying His healing and presence on Oliver and your family. Today will be a better day.
    Love you guys!
    Scott & Chrys Johnson

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