Oliver Update 2013-10-23

What was steady but painfully slow progress seems to have matured into simply steady progress over the past 2 days. A few highlights:

– He’s been sleeping a lot and appears to be more comfortable.
– His belly is almost back to normal (at least it looks so to me).
– His white blood cell count is trending down.
– His belly incision is less red and looks to be healing
– They are going to remove the retention sutures from his belly incision.
– His stomach and intestines seem to waking up as they are handling milk just fine.
– He smiled today at his mom.

All of the above makes me happy, although to be honest, I seem to be a little numb to that feeling right now. It’s hard to explain why I’m not feeling more excited, because it wasn’t that long ago I was struggling big time with every single thing that didn’t go right and feeling huge waves of relief every time something did.

I’ve noticed it works both ways, though. A few days ago Oliver wriggled his central line out of his neck in the middle of the night and the nurses spent several hours trying to get various IVs back into his system to keep his medications on schedule. If you recall (see Oliver Update 2013-10-05), the last time his central line came out, he had what turned out to be a catastrophic setback that may have played a big part in the events that led to his abdominal surgery. To my surprise, this situation didn’t make me as sick as it would have in the past. I believe part of it is that it truly wasn’t a huge emergency, but I feel that a big part of it was that I’m simply to the point where I’m no longer capable of extreme emotion in either direction. Hopefully it comes back. I want to go back to the good old days when waking up to find dog poop in the house aroused extreme anger, resulting in declarations to Shawna that her failure to let the dogs out the night before rendered my morning the worst morning in the history of the universe. Joey Dwyer style.

Here’s a picture of a sunrise I took leaving UNC hospital a few mornings ago.

2013-10-17 07.35.24


One thought on “Oliver Update 2013-10-23

  1. I called my hubby at work this morning to pitch a huge fit about what his dog did! LOL I’m really glad to hear that Oliver is steadily getting better! I’m thanking God tonight for the smile that he have his mama!!

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