Oliver Update 2013-10-24

On Day 21 post tetralogy of fallot repair, Oliver graduated from the pediatric ICU to the cardiac step-down unit, or kick unit. 

What’s awesome about that, you ask?  First and most importantly, it means he continues to improve and that he has gotten to the point where they no longer think he needs to be monitored in the ICU. He did lose one of his drain tubes in his stomach today, but other than that, he’s still hooked up to the same things and getting the same medicine. Still, every day without a setback is another day closer to home. Second, and also nice, he gets his own room with a view and a bathroom.  Ollie getting the red carpet treatment!!

2013-10-24 17.20.10

So what’s not awesome? Other than a few more amenities, it’s pretty much exactly the same as the PICU, but with fewer nurses.  So when Oliver cries or there’s alarms going off, you’re all on your own to try to figure out how to make it stop. But you can’t unhook him from anything and you can’t give him medicine, so that’s sweet. It’s like UNC Hospital’s version of Man versus Wild.  At least there’s still a chair for a bed.  Phew!  To be fair this one is actually designed to unfold into some sort of bed, so it’s probably an upgrade. I’ll let you know once I figure out how to operate it.

2013-10-24 18.52.12

Regardless, I’m proud of my little graduate.


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