Oliver Update 2013-11-02 – Released

I’ve been bad about writing this past week, and I apologize. I know my mom has been keeping some friends and family members updated through email. If you’re not part of my mom’s distribution list, feel free to contact her to ask her why she doesn’t love you.

The good news today is that Ollie is finally coming home (day 30 post surgery). There had been discussion this week that perhaps he should have the surgery to reconnect his bowels later this week, but the doctors decided that to wait a while would be best. His (hopefully) last surgery will likely happen sometime in early December. He hasn’t mastered eating yet, so he still has an NG tube for feedings and pain meds. He’s being weaned off the pain meds, and he’s been going through some rough patches of withdrawal, but for the most part, he’s been pretty happy and he seems to be the Oliver we knew before the surgery.

Excited to get him home. Excited not to be in the hospital anymore. Here’s a couple pics of him over the past couple days.




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